Photos by Bill Bloggs


About Teatro Vivo

Teatro Vivo transforms much loved stories into theatrical adventures; collaborating with communities and audiences to turn everyday environments into magical worlds.

We are based in South London and have been creating theatre since 2005. Inspired by classic stories and new writing, we make theatrical productions in any non theatre venue. Our aim is to inspire people to contemplate the nature of human engagement by creating performances that encourage a sense of play for all who experience them. We explore the environments that we work in to ensure our productions become an essential part of the community and a source of inspiration and entertainment for all.

We rarely audition, but regularly hold casting and devising workshops enabling us to spend some time with actors we hope to work with. Our shows are usually devised allowing us to adapt characters to suit the right actors. We love actors who are up for a challenge, can collaborate, are supremely talented and have joy in their soul.

If you’re interested in working with Teatro Vivo, please drop us an email with your cv and covering letter explaining why you’d like to work with us  and we’ll put you on our database and invite you to casting workshops as appropriate.