Photos by Bill Bloggs


Teatro Vivo create ground breaking live performances and can be commissioned to create bespoke productions or performance that can publicise events, services or products to everybody within your community.

We can come up with characters, scenes or even a full play that can be seen in any setting and suit any budget. These characters or stories will convey your message live and direct to your audience.

Past Events Include:

The Great British Wedding Party

A bespoke interactive play created for a 70th birthday party. As a Devonshire bride married a Scottish groom chaos, prejudice and familial rifts ran riot through the party, but loved saved the day and the villagers had never seen anything like it!

Street Theatre Characters – The Usherettes, Musettes and Wizardettes.
These characters publicise all the arts events happening in the boroughs of Hillingdon and Lewisham. Friendly, and knowledgeable, these characters are able to inspire just about anyone to take an interest in the arts in their borough.

Lewisham Assemblies Alternative Athletics Association Sports Day (LAAAASD)
Commissioned by Lewisham Local Assemblies this short play got the audience up and involved in sports such as the slow motion sprint and dry synchronised swimming. Finishing with the Super Hero Relay Race we gave the audience a great time and celebrated the important work of the Local Assemblies too.

Mini Miramax Movie Moments
Commissioned by Miramax Teatro Vivo brought to life iconic moments from some of their most famous films. Using just four actors, a DJ and an abundance of costumes and wigs, characters from Pulp Fiction, Scream, Clerks and Chicago strutted their stuff live in HMV, Covent Garden.