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Read what the press and our audience have said about our productions below.

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The Residents
Staged in real homes across South London

“Teatro Vivo have always had a knack of taking theatr in to new realms…but it’s hard to envisage how they will better The Residents” THE GREENWICH VISITOR

“The Residents is an experience, it encourages the audience to transition from being a passive component of the performance to a much more active one. Being so close to the action, and having some audience participation brings you into their world in a way that is so different to any traditional setting.” VICKYLOVESTHEATRE

“Thoroughly enjoyed The Residents. Funny, thought-provoking, chilling & inventive. Terrific acting and creative use of a venue @teatrovivo” @MaxinWords

The Hunters Grimm
Staged down a high street in Deptford, parks in Redbridge and gardens in Newbury.

“It’s all good fun and neatly staged with a hard-working cast and plenty of joie de vivre as they lead us on a merry dance. You might even get to dance with the musicians of Bremen. It’s a show that brings a smile to the face as it celebrates the power of storytelling.” THE GUARDIAN

“The Watermill Theatre in Newbury was the perfect scene for this interactive production by the extraordinary Teatro Vivo. This is a very special show. I really wish more children could see it; it should run and run and whole schools should arrive in coaches (made of pumpkins).” DAILY INFO

“This show has universal appeal to old and young alike and can’t help but engage you as the cast draw you into their fantasy world. Children will simply adore this show as you can completely immerse yourself in it and become as involved as you want which makes it feel very personal. The cast of Teatro Vivo were amazing and incorporated The Community Chorus, regular people like you or I that had signed up as supporting cast members and they blended in perfectly.”

Mother Courage and Her Children
Staged throughout Woolwich Arsenal in 2014

“This is a thoughtful, innovative, yet timeless, promenade production that unfolds in a unique historical location. Follow Mother Courage past the cannon of wars past and think on the survival of humanity in the face of conflict today.” THE LONDONIST

After the Tempest
Staged in 5 parks across London from Barking to Holland Park as part of the InTransit Festival 2013

“Almost anywhere is a possible stage for this most creative of theatre groups”
The Guardian

“Really enjoyed it – refreshing treatment of the original play! Loved the use of the park, and
highly impressed with how the different scenes and narrative journeys were
Audience Member

The Odyssey
Staged in and around Deptford in Association with the Albany, June & September 2012

“A Curious Treasure Hunt of an Evening”
The Telegraph

“Quite simply the best theatre experience I have ever had. I cannot overstate how moved I
was by everyone and everything. Absolute pure genius on every one’s part.”
Audience Member

“I’ve done six shows and got three more to do and it’s been absolutely fantastic! I am so
enthused about the whole project because it really is bringing theatre back to the streets. I
started off just wanting to do back stage stuff but the director persuaded me to do first one bit
of poetry and then a second bit and I can’t believe how much I’ve loved it.”
Community Chorus Member

Adventures in Wonderland
Staged throughout libraries, manor houses, museums and theatres from 2010- 13

“It is full of raggle-taggle invention, and its cleverness lies in the way it casts the audience as
co-conspirators. You won’t lose your head, but you could lose part of your heart.”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“Laugh out loud funny and genuinely touching, not to mention creepy at times!”
Audience Member

“We show our allegiance to the Queen of Hearts by painting red hearts on our faces, wearing
our hearts outfits, and saluting enthusiastically whenever she enters the room or is mentioned.
From here, we volunteers escort the four groups on a journey throughout the Jacobean
mansion, as Carroll’s characters run amok, creating a unique play each time.”
Community Chorus member

Supermarket Shakespeare
Staged in Supermarkets in London in 2008, 2009, 2010

“a neat idea, cleverly executed, that puts theatre into real life and real life into theatre”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“I’ve been to 2 of Teatro Vivo’s ‘shows’ now and thoroughly enjoyed them both. My time
during the performances were spent either watching the performers, talking with them and
becoming part of the performance myself or watching the reactions of passing shoppers. I’d
recommend it to anyone – you won’t see have seen anything like it before.”
Audience member

Toured to warehouses, disused theatres and museums 2008 & 2009.

“With Hothouse, Teatro Vivo have injected new life into the concept of theatre and created anexciting new world where anything can happen and everything is possible”
Matt Jenkins, Newsshopper

“I thought it was brilliant. I wish more people could see it. Acting, music, atmosphere –
Fabulous! Romantic and Sad. Encore!”
Audience Member

Here but There, an interpretation of Chekhov’s Three Sisters.
Staged at the Theatre Museum Covent Garden and Manor House Library, Lewisham 2006 & 2007

“Innovative, unusual and utterly addictive, this theatrical venture deserves all the support it can get”
Kevin Quarmby Rouges and Vagabonds