Photos by Bill Bloggs

The Residents


Presented in association with The Albany

A site-specific ghost story staged in real homes across South London

In their most intimate show yet, Teatro Vivo invite you to a house viewing with a difference – they will share the stories of previous inhabitants, revealing how the echoes of a place’s past can be felt in the present.

Inspired by the latest discoveries in gravitational wave technology, The Residents will encourage you to consider who came before and what you might leave after you have gone.


Written by Teatro Vivo and Michael Wagg

Kas Darley
Debbie Korley
Mark Stevenson

Directed by Sophie Austin
Sound Design by Ellie Isherwood
Design by Ruth Stringer

Produced by Catherine Hooper

The Residents can be performed in any house or flat with room for up to thirty people.
Do get in touch if you’d like The Residents to visit you…

View the trailer here


Images taken by Amy Mathieson

"Teatro Vivo have always had a knack of taking theatre to new realms...but it's hard to envisage how they will better The Residents."
The Greenwich Visitor