Photos by Bill Bloggs


Твистов / Twistov will be a promenade production inspired by Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist produced in partnership with international arts organisation Dash Arts.
Due to be staged in 2017, Твистов / Twistov will present an extraordinary narrative of London told by migrant communities currently living here. Drawing on the parallels with Dickensian London and our contemporary capital we will unearth some rich tales that reveal the underworld, uncover the upper-classes and give you a very different taste of the capital you thought you knew.

The Твистов / Twistov journey continues this autumn. Teatro Vivo will be researching and collecting stories about arrival and survival in the capital. In January 2016 we will host 8 script development workshops across London. These workshops will culminate in a public sharing of a new script inspired by the stories and research undertaken and performed by professional and non professional actors from migrant communities currently living in London.