Expanding our Lewisham Usherette Pool

Since 2009 Teatro Vivo have been sending out street characters - The Lewisham Usherettes  - to talk to the people of Lewisham about local events, find out what's important to them and to listen to their stories. As part of Borough of Culture 2022 they are heading out again, and we'd like to expand our pool of performers.

We'd really like to meet performers who live in Lewisham, and especially (but not exclusively) those from communities with protected characteristics.

The Lewisham Usherettes always head out in pairs to engage in conversations with people on the street.
Each performer gets a fee of £150 per four hour session and there will be a variety of sessions on offer in the coming months.

Please send a brief paragraph detailing your experience and why it would interest you to be an Usherette. We understand that this is an unusual role and may attract people from a wide range of performing backgrounds, but if you have an acting CV please send a link to that too.

send to: [email protected]

Closing Date: Thursday 17th February at 12pm

If selected: Training day on Wednesday 23rd February in the morning (a token fee of £50 will be paid to attendees)