Teatro Vivo have been creating themed immersive celebrations for 15 years.

For 2020 we've brought our extensive experience in interactive theatre, fun and group adventures to the online world.

If you're looking for a Christmas Party that will bring your workforce together to celebrate from their remote locations, or want an innovative treat for your clients, then we might just have the solution for you...

The Ultimate Christmas Number One

On Zoom you meet The Band - who have not spoken since a giant bust up 10 years ago (after shooting to fame with a Christmas number one). In small groups it's your job to get them all back together again in the studio. If you manage to reconcile them then you'll need to help write their new single for this year's Christmas release. Working with genuine music producers (utilising online tools) each small group will write a song for the band. Over the following week either The Band will record a video of each finished song to share with your teams, or we send can send a film crew (in a Covid safe way) to record a section with each team member singing or playing along to the song, which will be edited into a film to be shared with everyone who took part.

A Christmas party live streamed from your office

A set of characters - played by our brilliant professional performers - are (socially distanced) in your actual office and the participants guide them through the world of the party. There will be a band, a quiz, ridiculous things happening in the office. Things will go wrong and they will definitely need your help... 

The House That Slipped

Our online sell-out show can be tailored for a bespoke performance specifically for your company. 

When the UK went into lockdown the residents of 12 Laburnum Drive took the government advice very seriously.

One month on they opened their front door to find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Their little house had floated away and come to rest in the year 2070.

Although the future seems to be almost Utopian , they have started to think about how they could get home.

They have discovered that Zoom still works on their laptops, and by a strange setting in the latest upgrade they seem to be able to contact people from 2020.

That's where you come in.

A bespoke show worked out for your staff

All of the above can be made for small or big teams, repeated for multiple groups, and have different cost levels to suit your budget. We are also open to hear from organisations with a specific idea in mind, who would like us to put our creative brains to work to bring it to life.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your Christmas party be a celebration in these strange times.

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