Access Information for Common

Common is a 1.2 mile journey on foot through the parks and streets of Sydenham and Forest Hill.


There is one steep road going downhill for 98 metres and one short uphill stretch for 20 metres, and the journey is mostly on tarmac or optional grass.


We end in a wooded area where coir matting will be put down for wheelchair access over a short woodchip path. The rest of the route is completely wheelchair accessible.


There aren’t many places to sit on the way (unless you bring a foldable stool with you. We will have a couple available, but can’t guarantee them for all audience members, so please do contact us in advance if you will need one)


There is an accessible toilet at the beginning of the show, but not any on route. At the end it is 5 minutes back to Forest Hill where there are assessable toilets available at the Meat Liquor pub


There is acoustic music being played and a pretend loud gun shot (made by bashing two pieces of wood together). This happens in the scene in a children’s playground in Baxter’s Field.


The audience will be cast as characters, but nobody has to get involved if they don’t want to


The cast set up a sense that we are under threat at the beginning of the show, and this is part of the narration and not real


The show is not made specifically for children, but children are welcome to attend alongside their adults, and there are points of the show (beginning, middle, end) where there are traffic free green spaces for children to be able to have a run around!


Dogs are welcome


NOTE: The performance on Wednesday 8th May will have a car and driver to transport anyone who would not be able to manage the walk from scene to scene. Spaces in this car must be booked in advance so please do contact [email protected] for more information