What audiences say

Here are the results of our audience feedback surveys from recent show ‘The Hunters Grimm’:

  • 83% 5 out of 5 for enjoyment
  • 90% felt more positive about the local area (Catford/Stratford) after seeing the show
  • 45% only generally attend 1 -2 Arts Events per year
  • 100% were planning to see more immersive theatre as a result

“Enjoyed the build up of the story and how every part of the show engaged you. Use of spaces was eclectic and powerful.” 

“I love how you engage and involve the local independent businesses as part of the experience!!”

“Wonderful, moving, empowering. It reminds us all of the power of stories. Truly enchanting!”

“So lovely to go to real places in the local area and feel so welcomed. Got a very positive impression of Catford. In fact going to visit the pub now!”

“It was a wonderful tale of hope and love, told with care and joy.”

 Community Chorus

Teatro Vivo often work with Community Choruses as part of our engagement with the areas in which we work. Here is some of their feedback:

“Working with Teatro Vivo and community chorus colleagues has improved my self confidence, my self esteem, my speaking voice and I feel a small part of a group that is seeking to achieve something I have long wished for. I’m humbled for what they have done for me and I’m proud and delighted to see what they’re doing for the community”

“I hoped to gain acting experience, enjoyment and to meet likeminded individuals – hopes which were all fulfilled, in fact I got so much more from the experience than I expected. I enjoyed the camaraderie as well as the interaction with the audience. The community Chorus manager Emma was excellent - thoroughly supportive and appreciative, and the Teatro Vivo core team and actors were so friendly and professional. A wonderful experience and I want more!”

 Partner organisations

Teatro Vivo often work alongside partner organisations – either through commissions or collaborations. Here are some thoughts from those we work alongside:


" Teatro Vivo have delivered a programme of work that has developed meaningful collaborations between organisations across Lewisham, facilitated resident involvement with issues that affect their lives, strengthened local area partnerships and increased the opportunities for local people to engage with the arts as both spectators and active participants." Lewisham Council (for whom we delivered a 3 year project)


“I am elated by what energy you bought to our event today. You really captured the spirit of everything. Plus WHAT amazing tweets. Perfect and completely what I was hoping for. Thank YOU!” Ward Assembly Officer, Lewisham Council


“What a fantastic performance! I really enjoyed it. I know a lot of bits and bobs about local history but I haven't had it rounded up in such a compelling and interesting way. The quality of the performance was superb. Thank you for bringing this production to Evelyn.”
Trina Lynsky - Chair, Deptford Folk, co-commissioners of Evelyn’s Roots



The year in numbers 2018-19

Teatro Vivo Reach

Grimms' Collecting Agency

Participants: 15

Audience: 85

Artists: 3

Arming the World

Audience: 490

Artists: 7

Evelyn's Roots Community Chorus Development

Participants: 10

Audience: 100

Artists: 4

Evelyn's Roots Performances

Participants: 12

Audience: 360

Artists: 9

Evelyn's Roots Audio Tour

Participants: 8

Audience: 50

Artists: 9

The Usherettes

Audience: 3,753

Artists: 38


Participants: 45

Audience: 4,838

Artists: 70

Further information

If you'd like more information then the links below are for recent annual reports and an evaluation of some of Teatro Vivo's work.

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