The pub goers of the past are closer than you think


Have you ever thought about who might have nursed a pint at this table before you?  Who propped up the bar a decade ago?  Or who stood in front of that fireplace telling tall tales 200 years back?   


The pub is a meeting place; a hub of activity.  It’s a place where time can stand still.  But what if it does more than that?  What if it reverses, accelerates, twists and collides.  ‘Last orders’ are never called and THE REGULARS have never left.  And as the drinks flow, how blurred is the line between fact and fiction? 


This site-sensitive story, celebrating the spirit of the Local and the tales told there, will take place in pubs across the UK from Autumn 2021

It's been commissioned by The Inn Crowd and we'll put details of where it'll be below.

If you're a pub who'd like to book the show then you can contact The Inn Crowd here.

Tour Dates

Sat 2nd Oct 2021 - The White Lion, Selling, Kent

Rehearsal space kindly provided by: