As part of our Artists of Change project we're providing everything you need to perform your own version of Lewisham Speaks (backing tracks, script, lyrics, ideas of staging)


As part of London Borough of Culture 2022, Teatro Vivo were appointed ‘Artists of Change’, and were embedded within the Climate Resilience Team at Lewisham Council for the first 6 months of the year.

During that time, we sent street theatre characters, the Usherettes, out into every ward of the Borough to speak to people about climate issues. We also ran workshops with 19 different community groups everywhere from day centres for elderly people, to clubs for those with learning difficulties, and in doing so spoke to thousands of local residents.

The residency ended in the creation of the new production ‘Lewisham Speaks’, that was our response to everything we’d seen and heard, and we think it genuinely represents the feelings of the people of Lewisham on climate issues.

We pledged to make the script of the show ‘creative commons’ – open for anyone to use in whatever way they’d like. So here it is, along with costume and props lists, music for the songs and various other (hopefully!) useful instructions. Feel free to take what is useful; we won’t be upset if you add your own creativity to it, change costumes or add Chorus involvement to suit your own group’s circumstances. We won’t even mind if you modify the script (some editing may be needed for younger children for example) as long as you don’t change the original meaning or intent. You can even take elements of it to inspire your own version.

The show as it’s written should run at around 20 minutes.

There are 2 main characters: Lewish and Ham, as well as a chorus that can be as large as you like. You could even make Lewish and Ham ten people each (taking it in turns to say the lines).

Here’s a video that should help the chorus with the technique of ‘flocking’ as used in Scene 4.

All the documents and music that you might want to use are below.

Have fun! And please do tag us on Social Media in any pictures of your events as we’d really love to see what you create from the script.

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Best Wishes


Kas and Mark

Joint Artistic Directors, Teatro Vivo



Download the full script

Costume/Props and some making ideas for schools

Song Lyrics with chords

This is the opening track we used in the show:

The Rumble Song - show version:

The Rumble Song - Backing Track:

The Rumble song backing track with guide vocal:

The Song of Taking Action - Show Version:

The Song of Taking Action - Backing Track:

The Song of Taking Action - Backing Track - with Guide Vocal:

And here's a video of the full show as we did it - but please feel free to make it your own and add/take out bits:

Please let us know if you need anything else: [email protected]