August 2023: Camp Bestival, Shropshire

July 2023: Campe Bestival, Dorset

June 2022: Platinum Jubilee Celebrations at Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

August 2022: Camp Bestival, Shropshire

July 2022: Camp Bestival, Dorset

2021: Camp Bestival, Dorset

2017: Folkestone Gardens, Deptford and Forster Memorial Park, Grove Park

2016: Mayow Park, Forest Hill

An interactive show for all the family.

Titania and Oberon have been battling for days and have finally fallen out. It's up to the audience to bring them back together. In this interactive performance the audience will help Oberon write a love song for Titania, create the most fearsome wings for Titania, and help Peta Quince act out the mechanicals hilarious scene. Expect fun, silliness and a heart warming ending.

First staged as part of our Lewisham Project and funded by Lewisham Council.