August 2020 - An online immersive show

“The merits of the future and the present are ingeniously considered by Teatro Vivo.” – Susannah Clapp, The Observer

The House That Slipped was Teatro Vivo's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Created on Zoom for an international audience the show followed the lives of the residents of 12 Laburnum Drive Brockley.

When the UK went into lockdown the residents of 12 Laburnum Drive, Brockley took the government advice very seriously.

One month on they opened their front door to find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Their little house had floated away and come to rest in the year 2070.

Although the future seems to be almost Utopian , they had started to think about how they could get home.

They discovered that Zoom still worked on their laptops, and by a strange setting in the latest upgrade they seemed to be able to contact people from 2020.

The audience worked to help them come back and in August 2020 they were even invited to a live, socially distanced finale at The Albany - one of the first bits of live theatre to happen in the UK.

“Something unexpected happened partway through The House That Slipped that completely transformed the experience for me. The simple act of being asked to encapsulate the current coronavirus situation, to describe what lockdown actually means, proved quietly profound, a moment of reflection that makes you wonder just how history will remember this time.” – Ian Foster, Ought To Be Clowns


“This is an entertaining and inventive production, and Teatro Vivo has successfully executed a truly delightful experience within our 2020 pandemic lockdown.” – Helene Wargon, Everything Theatre 


“Teatro Vivo’s production of “The House That Slipped” is so fresh that it is oven hot. The script, direction and the way Zoom is an essential part of the story, make it witty and intelligent. The play is genuinely laugh out loud funny. This is all made possible due to the brilliant cast’s naturalistic performances of well-drawn and believable characters, created from the excellent script.“ – Sandra, View From The Cheap Seats

Original production supported by funding from Arts Council England through the Emergency fund.

The House That Slipped

was performed, devised and created by

Kas Darley

Sarah Finigan

Tasha Magigi

Bernadette Russell

Michael Wagg


Directed by


Mark Stevenson


Stage Manager


Kirsten Buckmaster


Graphic image created by: Madison Coby


GIF created by: Rich Southgate


Publicity photography: Doug Southall



Funded by


Arts Council England


With thanks to:


The Albany (especially Gavin Barlow, Ben Stephens, Chama Kapumpa, and Kine Odegard)

and Perla Ponce