August 2020 - Crystal Palace Festival

The Grimms were out and about collecting stories in Crystal Palace (at a suitable social distance) and then lived streamed the results from Upper Norwood Library as part of The Crystal Palace Festival. The final performance can be watched below:

March/April 2020 - Under Lockdown - Croydonites Festival

As Lockdown began, we were due to be on the streets of Croydon collecting stories from the local community for a performance of Grimms Collecting Agency for the Croydonites Festival. With their help we ended up creating the show online. We advertised for people to be interviewed and had an amazing response from all over the country. The Grimms met people on Zoom and listened to their stories about life under lock-down. We’ve put the whole thing together as a free online film, which can be found below. We’re very proud of it so do watch and let us know what you think.

Whilst making the show for Croydonites we also worked with the young people from Good Wolf People who sent in stories, poems, comics, and  songs about Croydon which Sabine and Reinhardt Grimm retold on the video below:

Originally supported by Lewisham Council
This edition of Grimm’s Collecting Agency is commissioned by Croydonites – funded by Arts Council England and Croydon Council

Past shows

Grimm's Collecting Agency has appeared at:

Crystal Palace Festival - 2014

Catford Fringe Festival - 2018