2014: Deptford & Newbury

2019: Stratford & Catford

Dare you hunt out a life-saving story?

In a land where austerity bites the poorest, the powerful fight irrelevant battles and the weather grows wilder, the famous Brothers Grimm search for stories.

And they need your help to see beyond this bleak reality in search of a hopeful story to feed the soul.

Your journey will take you down dark streets where you may come across an anarchic frog, comfort a desperate prince, dance with the musicians of Bremen and join in an adventure to cure nightmares. Along the way you’ll hear stories of love, death, poverty, longing and sausages.

The Hunters Grimm is a promenade play inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm

“It’s all good fun and neatly staged with a hard-working cast and plenty of joie de vivre as they lead us on a merry dance. You might even get to dance with the musicians of Bremen. It’s a show that brings a smile to the face as it celebrates the power of storytelling.” The Guardian