October 2006 - Manor House Library, Lewisham

June 2007 - The Theatre Museum, Covent Garden

An interpretation of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters.
Written by Gabriel Bisset-Smith
Directed by Sophie Austin

The ghosts of a turn of the century provincial Russian family are trapped in the building. Caught in an endless purgatory of dashed hopes and wasted dreams. Here they long for love, happiness and an answer to the purpose of their existence, but will time run out before they achieve their wishes and find their answers?

Teatro Vivo took Chekhov off the stage and put his work amongst the audience in an enticing and evocative promenade production of the Three Sisters.

Fusing cello, electric cello, guitar and disembodied electronica Sonver created a unique soundscape to underscore this story of dashed hopes and wasted dreams.

"innovative, unusual and utterly addictive, this theatrical venture deserves all the support it can get."

Kevin Quarmby - Rogues and Vagabonds