September 2014 - The Royal Arsenal Site, Woolwich

In September 2014 to mark 100 years since the start of the First World War, we teamed up with GLYPT (now Tramshed) to create a site specific adaptation of Brecht’s famous play around the site of Woolwich Arsenal.

This relevant and important play highlighted the key decisions Mother Courage is forced to make and the impact these decisions have on her children and her business. The audience were cast as war refugees and took a journey down the dramatic parades of the arsenal as they followed Courage’s cart. With live music and song, each scene came to life against a backdrop of canons and the heritage of the Royal Arsenal.

"This is a thoughtful, innovative, yet timeless, promenade production that unfolds in a unique historical location. Follow Mother Courage past the cannon of wars past and think on the survival of humanity in the face of conflict today." - Londonist