April 2008: Sainsbury’s Lee Green, London

April 2009: Sainsbury’s Lee Green & New Cross, London

April 2010: Sainsbury’s Lee Green, Forest Hill, New Cross & Lewisham London

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnets, devised by Teatro Vivo
Directed by Mark Stevenson

For three consecutive years we took stories inspired by a Shakepeare sonnet around the aisles of supermarkets in London, bringing free and engaging theatre to as many people as possible.

The show was featured on TV all over the world, and is still part of the French school curriculum for students learning English. 

Read what actor Michael Wagg wrote about the experience in The Guardian

“A neat idea, cleverly executed, that puts theatre into real life and real life into theatre.” - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Supermarket Shakespeare is an act of generosity, and a quiet reminder that the milk of human kindness does not reside in the dairy section.” - Gina Allum, The New Statesman

“This little gem of a theatre experience rendered every shopper a likely character and even though you can shop at the same time we doubt you will want to split from the very engaging actors and their lovelorn plights.” - Londonist