Inspired by Homer
The new interpretation was written by Vic Bryson, Sarah Sigal and Michael Wagg.
Directed by Sophie Austin

This urban promenade performance took the audience on a manhunt down seemingly normal high streets and into the heart of this classic story.

With his war hero Father missing for the last ten years, Telemachus, desperate to uncover the truth, asked the audience to go on an Odyssey through the streets of Deptford and bring back news of wily Odysseus, sending them off to experience their own Epic Adventure.

On their journey they came across gods and goddesses, nymphs and monsters, death and desire. Deptford High Street became the backdrop to some bizarre and brilliant stories.

“A curious, treasure hunt of an evening.” - The Telegraph

“A timelessly atmospheric night.” - A Younger Theatre

“A skilled, imaginative, inventive, compelling, engaging and, at times psychedelic, theatre experience.” - Audience Member