October 2017 - Through the Streets of Shoreditch

Twistov was a theatrical adventure through the streets and back-alleys of Shoreditch in association with Dash Arts.

A young migrant, Twistov, has gone missing in London. Inspired by Charles Dickens’ OLIVER TWIST and the experience of migrant communities currently living in UK cities, TWISTOV explored identity and home and who we become if both are taken away from us.

Twistov started at RICH MIX and was staged in and around Shoreditch, the heart of Dickens’ East End, where faint traces of the past remain visible. Over the performance, TWISTOV took the audience on a journey that asks us to see beyond the new buildings and trendy shops, to look down side streets and in doorways and meet another London. Here we faced our own sense of home and identity: what would we do and where would we run, if these were our stories?

Twistov was made possible with the generous support of Cockayne – Grants for the Arts; London Community Foundation; Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation; Tower Hamlets Event Fund; Big Lottery Fund, Near Neighbours Funds; Unity Theatre Trust; Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust; ACE – Grants for the Arts.